The open-source toolkit for decentralized identity

SpruceKit powers your application to accept digital credentials from users on their terms, originate trusted information for users, and interact with user data vaults.

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The decentralized identity tech stack

Let users authenticate into decentralized identity.

Introduce decentralized identity on top of authentication technologies like WebAuthn, Sign-In with Ethereum, and OAuth 2.0.

Let users create and protect personal data vaults.

Enable users to manage how data are stored, retrieved, and more in a personal data vault.

Let users manage how their data are used and shared.

Empower users to define who can access their data and when that access is revoked.

Let users present verifiable facts about themselves.

Create credential issuance and verification flows for users to easily link attestations about who they are and what data they own.

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SpruceKit In Action

We created three example implementations of how the open-source SpruceKit libraries can fit together to create consumer applications where users can store and manage their data.

Explore the code for each Sprout to get inspiration for building your next app powered with decentralized identity.

Open source, closed privacy

Transparency is a cornerstone of what we do, so we develop in the open. SpruceKit and its components are fully open source under the Apache 2.0 or MIT licenses, allowing anyone to see (and trust) how it works. Curious about how to contribute?