We believe users should be able to control their identity and data across all digital interactions.


We identify as user-control maximalists.

As architects and implementers of emerging global identity standards such as W3C Verifiable Credentials, Sign-In with Ethereum, and more, we recognize the importance of aligning the ecosystem and providing core open-source building blocks to make this all possible. We believe in:

Enabling a world where users control their data across the web.

Giving people security and privacy through private-by-default architectures.

Supporting builders with open-source software for user-controlled interactions.


We're proud to be backed by world-class founders, leaders, and institutions.


Sprucers around the world

Wayne Chang

Co-Founder and CEO

Dani Johnson

Director of Operations

Oliver Terbu

Dir. of Identity Standards

Elissa Maercklein

Head of Marketing

Simon Bihel

Infrastructure Lead

Jakub Szerszen

Principal Software Engineer

Jonathan Rufrano

PubSec & Institutional Lead

Charles Shuller

Sr. Software Engineer

Charles Cunningham

Sr. Software Engineer

Parke Hunter

Product Marketing Manager

Jacob Healy

Technical Product Manager

Todd Showalter

Sr. Software Engineer

Tiago Nascimento

Sr. Software Engineer

Lauren Withee

Designer & UX Researcher

Sam Gbafa

Sr. Software Engineer

Arjen van Veen

Product Engineer

Anna Claire Fields

Software Engineer

Jacob Ward

Sr. Software Engineer

Kelsey Rhoda

Software Engineer

Juliano Cézar
Chagas Tavares

Software Engineer

Timothée Haudebourg

Software Engineer

Gregorio Granado

Sr. Software Engineer

Gregory Rocco

Product Advisor
Join us to shape the future of digital identity

We're a team of user control maximalists, and while we’re not zealots of any particular technology, we want to ensure that technology is never the limiting factor for a user-controlled future. We believe that the world is evolving toward one based on cryptography, networks, and digital economies that must all put users at the center. Sound interesting?