Secure digital identity for Healthcare

Streamline identity verifications and access to healthcare for patients

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The future of identity credentials is here.


Machine-readable credentials foster more efficient, secure digital interactions. Verifications can work both with and without internet connectivity.


Authorship and authenticity can be cryptographically verified for higher trust in digital interactions and reduced fraud instances.


Unlike with physical ID cards, holders of digital credentials can selectively disclose only the minimum required information during an identity check.

Streamline patient identity checks

Trade in a disjointed user experience for added convenience and security by allowing users to create an account and log in using their mobile driver’s license or digital health pass credential. Automatically link a patient’s portal account, their universal health records, and health insurance upon account creation.

Using verifiable digital credentials simplifies the onboarding flow for users to securely verify their identity in just a few taps.

Issue secure digital health passes

Issue digital identity credentials and health records, such as insurance cards, immunization records, and prescriptions that put your patients in the driver’s seat when it comes to taking control over their health and data.

SpruceID digital credentials are built with a standards-based approach and adopt industry standard privacy and security protocols from W3C, ISO and NIST, ensuring credentials will be accepted by any global entity.

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With the ever-increasing shift to digital-first core social and societal infrastructure, people will need credentials to represent all facets of their identity digitally in a more secure and privacy-protecting manner.