Secure digital identity for Marketplaces

Streamline trust and safety on your platform with verifiable digital identity.

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The future of identity credentials is here.


Machine-readable credentials foster more efficient, secure digital interactions. Verifications can work both with and without internet connectivity.


Authorship and authenticity can be cryptographically verified for higher trust in digital interactions and reduced fraud instances.


Unlike with physical ID cards, holders of digital credentials can selectively disclose only the minimum required information during an identity check.

Verify users faster with enhanced security

Offer streamlined identity verifications by accepting mobile IDs, so your users can spend less time in the verification process and more time shopping and selling.

Decrease onboarding friction by replacing the traditional webcam selfie and photos of plastic ID cards with verifications of mobile driver’s licenses. Users can selectively disclose required fields from their mobile IDs in just a few taps.

From browsing to selling faster

Remove friction with a more trusted marketplace experience. Streamlined online identity verification with digital credentials adds a layer of protection to give your buyers and sellers peace of mind when making transactions.

Digital credentials issued by Credible use advanced cryptography and security protocols to protect personal information, and allow users to share only information required for the interaction.

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With the ever-increasing shift to digital-first core social and societal infrastructure, people will need credentials to represent all facets of their identity digitally in a more secure and privacy-protecting manner.