Open-source libraries for decentralized identity

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Open-source decentralized identity building blocks


DIDKit provides W3C Verifiable Credential and W3C Decentralized Identifier functionality across different platforms. The core libraries are written in Rust, but the comprehensive DIDKit SDK includes many libraries and interfaces for using it almost everywhere.

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SSI provides core W3C Verifiable Credential and W3C Decentralized Identifier functionality in Rust. The SSI library is embedded in the the cross-platform DIDKit library as a core dependency.

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TreeLDR is a schema definition language that describes both the structure and semantics of the defined schema in a comprehensible way. It lies at the intersection of RDF and structure-oriented schema definition frameworks, such as JSON Schema or IPLD.

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The ISO mDL library provides the protocol layer for mobile driver's license conformance for the ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard functionality. The base implementation is written in Rust for its memory safety and performance, which can then be packaged cross-platform.

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Rebase is a decentralized service that allows people and organizations to map their identities to cryptographic keys using social media in a user-centric and publicly auditable way, with the reference implementation built on DIDKit.

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Build identity wallets with SpruceKit Wallet SDK

The SpruceKit Wallet SDK can augment an existing identity wallet to extend support for various digital credential protocols or provide you with the building blocks to launch a new identity wallet.

The SDK supports React Native, Flutter, and native mobile languages for integration into native applications.

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Open source, closed privacy

Transparency is a cornerstone of what we do, so we develop in the open. SpruceKit and its components are fully open source under the Apache 2.0 or MIT licenses, allowing anyone to see (and trust) how it works. Curious about how to contribute?