Verify digital credentials online

Accept mobile driver’s licenses online and digital credentials online for faster, more secure user identity verifications.

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The future of identity credentials is here.


Machine-readable credentials foster more efficient, secure digital interactions. Verifications can work both with and without internet connectivity.


Authorship and authenticity can be cryptographically verified for higher trust in digital interactions and reduced fraud instances.


Unlike with physical ID cards, holders of digital credentials can selectively disclose only the minimum required information during an identity check.

Screenshot and AI resistant digital credentials

Online identity verification (IDV) processes that rely on webcam selfies and photos of physical IDs are susceptible to AI deepfakes that recreate photorealistic impersonations of the user and their ID.

The probability of impersonating the issuer’s public key contained in the digital credentials issued by our Credible platform is the same as picking one atom out of all the atoms in the Milky Way.

Online identity verifications made easier and more secure

More seamless onboardings

Users can share their identity with a couple taps, rather than relying on webcam selfies and photos of physical IDs.

Compliance made easier

Users can selectively disclose only the required information for the interaction, minimizing the amount of extraneous personal data you need to store.

Global interoperability

We support verification of multiple credential standards used across different sectors and use cases, including SD-JWTs, ISO/IEC 18103 series), and W3C VCs

Configurable workflows

We work with organizations at all stages of digital identity adoption–from pilot programs for new solutions, to supercharge existing identity verification workflows.

We do not create a new walled garden, but instead integrate into existing infrastructures to grow and add the necessary security, auditing, and data formats support to accept and verify digital credentials online.

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With the ever-increasing shift to digital-first core social and societal infrastructure, people will need credentials to represent all facets of their identity digitally in a more secure and privacy-protecting manner.