Secure digital identity for Government

Transform your identity program with trusted, privacy-preserving credentials.

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Upgrade government portals and digital services

Power your state portal or identity program for residents to access all of their digital credentials, making them easier to view, manage and share from a single place while maintaining privacy.

User with verifiable digital credentials, like mobile driver's licenses issued via our Credible platform, can log in seamlessly to state portals or digital services, enabling better user experiences and reducing the need for additional costly identity verifications.

Digital identity that makes privacy officers happy

Accept trusted digital credentials, like mobile driver’s licenses, as an easier, more secure authentication method for residents to access digital government services, like public benefits or unemployment insurance.

Verifications for digital credentials happen right on the device, without connecting to an issuer server, so the issuing authority doesn't track when or where it is used.

Fraud resistant credentials that are AI-proof

Plastic IDs and paper credentials weren’t built for the digital age; digital verifiable credentials are.

Our Credible platform issues forms of secure digital identification and other credentials, such as mobile driver’s licenses or boating licenses, that can be used to verify their information both in-person and online.

The credentials contain cryptographic digital signatures from the public key of the issuer of the credential, which means a simple screenshot sent to a friend wouldn’t work, nor would an AI deepfake recreation.

Recommended Solutions

Issue Digital Identity Credentials

Use our Credible platform to issue primary identity digital credentials, like mobile driver’s licenses, that can be used for higher trust in-person and online identity verifications.

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Issue Digital Permits and Licenses

Use our Credible platform to issue digital credentials, such as permits or licenses, that have stronger protections against counterfeits with cryptographic signatures.

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Verify Digital Identity Credentials

Credible allows you to verify that digital credentials are authentic, not AI-generated, and valid across multiple data formats used across industries and borders.

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With the ever-increasing shift to digital-first core social and societal infrastructure, people will need credentials to represent all facets of their identity digitally in a more secure and privacy-protecting manner.

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