IDs that are more than plastic

Issue digital identity credentials that unlock new frontiers in usability, security, and privacy.

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The future of identity credentials is here.


Machine-readable credentials foster more efficient, secure digital interactions. Verifications can work both with and without internet connectivity.


Authorship and authenticity can be cryptographically verified for higher trust in digital interactions and reduced fraud instances.


Unlike with physical ID cards, holders of digital credentials can selectively disclose only the minimum required information during an identity check.


Issue digitally native IDs equipped for the future

Deepfake and fraud resistant

Create digital identity that cannot be spoofed by a fraudster or AI. Breaking the cryptography is computationally impossible – more than 10^77 combinations.

Built for the internet

Plastic IDs weren’t built for the internet. Digital credentials can be presented online, introducing better user experiences and more trust online.

With user privacy control

Digital identity credentials give users better control over their personal data. Users can share only the required information for an interaction.

Increasing accessibility

Users can access services from the comfort of their home, and skip the long commute. Digital identity that can work online saves countless hours for both users and staff.

Convenient for users

No one should have to reach for their physical wallet for a digital interaction. Forms that take hours to fill out and weeks to verify can be replaced with instant scans.

No tracking

Verifications happen right on the device without connecting back to an issuer server, so the issuing authority cannot track when or where the holder uses the credential.


Mobile driver’s licenses in California

SpruceID partnered with the State of California DMV to bring privacy-forward, digitally-capable mobile driver’s licenses to residents of California.

Our Credible platform powers the credential issuance infrastructure and the CA DMV mobile wallet application is built using our SpruceKit libraries. The solution supports multiple credential formats, for use cases in person and over-the-internet.

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Let users choose their wallet

Our Credible platform supports issuance of digital identity credentials to native wallets or third-party wallets. This lets users pick what works for them without being locked-in to a specific ecosystem.

Our open-source SpruceKit Wallet SDK can also be used to implement a custom identity wallet application, for organizations that want to deploy their own solution.

Ready for high assurance environments

The Credible platform can work within your organization's existing security policy and infrastructure, and can even be deployed to your own cloud (cloud-prem) or servers (on-prem).

It uses base components customized for your use case, such as enterprise SSO (IAM and CIAM), hardware security modules (HSMs) for cryptographic key management, trusted execution environments (TEEs) for confidential computing, and network security layers.

Configurable Issuance Workflows

Our Credible platform supports configurable workflows for identity proofing to achieve different required levels of assurance before issuing credentials.

We enable seamless integrations with various identity verification (IDV) companies to perform liveness checks, biometric authentication, and other identity checks as a part of our identity proofing module.

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With the ever-increasing shift to digital-first core social and societal infrastructure, people will need credentials to represent all facets of their identity digitally in a more secure and privacy-protecting manner.