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Streamline onboarding and reduce fraud with verifiable digital identiy

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AI resistant digital identity

Traditional online identity verification (IDV) processes that rely on uploading webcam selfies and photos of physical IDs are susceptible to AI deepfakes.

Verifiable credentials, like mobile driver’s licenses, contain cryptographic digital signatures from the public key of the issuer of the credential. The probability of recreating this to impersonate is the same as picking one atom out of all the atoms in the Milky Way.

Easier customer onboardings

Decrease onboarding friction by replacing the traditional webcam selfie and photos of plastic ID cards with verifications of mobile driver’s licenses. Accepting trusted credentials that are quick and easy for users to verify with means good customers can start transacting faster.

Digital verifiable credentials help simplify KYC and AML compliance processes by enabling reliable identity verification that is simpler and faster for users. Users can selectively disclose required fields from their mobile IDs in just a few taps.

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With the ever-increasing shift to digital-first core social and societal infrastructure, people will need credentials to represent all facets of their identity digitally in a more secure and privacy-protecting manner.