Identity infrastructure for the digital world

SpruceID powers the entire lifecycle for digital credentials – from issuance to verification.

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The looming AI identity crisis

AI can now (for $15) generate images of people and fake IDs that can fool identity verification security solutions today. Physical IDs were never meant to be held in front a webcam for verification.

Our Credible platform powers issuance of digital credentials, like mobile driver’s licenses, which have security features that even AI cannot break. They’re set up for use in the digital world and more user friendly than paper and plastic credentials.

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Verifications your privacy officer will love

Verifications for digital credentials happen right on the device, without connecting to an issuer server, so the issuing authority doesn't track when or where it is used.

With digital credentials, you can trust your users are who they claim to be and let them disclose only the minimally required data.

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Our Mission

SpruceID is building a future where users can control their identity and personal data across all digital interactions.

We believe in privacy-by-design architectures and open-source software.


Mobile Driver’s Licenses in California

SpruceID partnered with the State of California DMV to bring privacy-forward, digitally-capable mobile driver’s licenses to residents of California.

California DMV uses our Credible platform to power the credential issuance infrastructure and our SpruceKit libraries power the mobile wallet application. The solution supports multiple credential formats, for use cases both in-person and over-the-internet.

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We contribute to global standards development to ensure that digital identity works for everyone.