Self-Sovereign Anything

With SSX, we are enabling the Bring Your Own Data Revolution, starting with streamlined web3 authentication. SSX is the entry point, and it's just the beginning.

Quickstart for SIWE

SSX reduces the lines of code required to install Sign-In with Ethereum (SIWE) by up to 60%, making it the fastest and easiest way to get started with SIWE.

Sign-In with Ethereum (EIP-4361) was co-authored by the Spruce team to standardize how Ethereum-based accounts, including those that own an ENS name, authenticate with off-chain services.

Unlocking DAO Login

SSX lets your users log in on behalf of a DAO using a Safe multisig. Your dapp can now seamlessly interact with entire organizations, each with their own governance systems.

Beyond the Login

The SSX Dashboard

Track the KPIs that measure the success of your dapp. The SSX Dashboard lets you analyze trends between your dapp and users.

Personalize with Reputation

Coming soon!
Create the best user experiences by mixing on-chain and off-chain data. Users can disclose their social accounts (Twitter, GitHub), other blockchain accounts, and more on their terms.

User-Controlled Data

Coming soon!
Reduce the risk of data breaches by empowering users to bring their own data to a session, including credentials, preferences, files, and other private data.

Code You Can Trust

SSX is open source. We’re not forcing you to use a particular API, and you can integrate it into your open-source (or closed-source) projects with a high degree of confidence. 

Get Started

Curious to learn more about SSX and see if it's right for your project or use case? Schedule a call with us to chat. Or if you want to go ahead and get started, head over to our docs.