Sprouts: SpruceKit Example Apps

Ready to see SpruceKit open-source libraries in action? We used our libraries to recreate consumer experiences we all know and love. These examples demonstrate how decentralized identity can be integrated into any application to give your app users greater control over their digital identity and personal data.

Follow the links within each section to explore the code and get inspiration for building your next app, or start building using our Quickstart linked below.

Quickstart Docs


An AI chat assistant that uses natural language processing to have human-like conversations.

Authenticate into decentralized identity: Let users store their data securely outside of the ChatBot.

Experience app interoperability: Easily share conversations with specific individuals or across other apps that use SpruceKit open-source libraries.

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A social app for finding, reviewing, and sharing books.

Enable personal data vaults: Store recommendations, ratings and more within a decentralized data vault vs. in the app itself.

Create verification flows: Empower users to claim ownership over the reviews they write.

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A social networking app used for publishing short posts and updates.

Manage how data is stored and retrieved: Users can leverage Sign-in with Ethereum to store their posts within their data vault.

Control how data is retrieved: Users have control over how posts are retrieved from their secure data vault.

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