Powering IDs that are more than a piece of plastic

Digitally native IDs unlock new possibilities for user control, seamless UX, and identity verification. Users can share exactly what they choose and their data can be securely verified with cryptography.

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Problems with credentials today

Paper-heavy processes and manual workflows

Error-prone consent and verification processes

Long timelines to reissue documents

Credential forging and theft are on the rise


Digital credentials should be equipped for the future

Access to public benefits

Accessing unemployment benefits

Receiving social aid payments

Filing tax returns online with proof of identity

Verifiable online identity

Opening a bank account online

Verifying your age for discounts online

Applying for a mortgage or a loan online

Personal data beyond IDs

Sharing professional licenses

Granting access to your health records

Sharing your diploma and experience in a job application

Mobile Driver's Licenses

With Credible, SpruceID offers secure, standards-based solutions for issuing, storing, and presenting digital credentials, like mobile driver’s licenses, conforming to standards including ISO/EIC 18013-5 mDL, W3C Verifiable Credentials, and OpenID4VC.

For each stage of digital adoption
We work with organizations at all stages of digital identity adoption–from pilot programs for new solutions, to integrations with existing wallet applications.

With flexible integrations
Credible integrates digital credentials into existing infrastructures across governments, financial institutions, higher education, healthcare, and more.

Supercharging existing workflows
We do not create a new walled garden, but instead grow what you already have by adding the necessary security, auditing, and data formats for end-to-end credential lifecycle management.

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Digital credentials are
the future of identity.

Access to public benefits

  • Accessing unemployment benefits
  • Receiving social security payments
  • Filing tax returns online with proof of identity

Verifiable identity for online use

  • Opening a bank account online
  • Applying for a mortgage or a loan online
  • Verifying age for senior discounts

Personal data beyond IDs

  • Presenting professional licenses
  • Sharing diploma in a job application
  • Granting access to your health records


Giving people more control over their personal data

Increased security

Removing the need to manually type sensitive personal data into websites, and reducing the amount of personal data stored by companies on servers.

Digitally capable

Unlocking new use cases for online identity verification, such as opening a bank account online or applying for a business license.


Preserving privacy by only disclosing what’s required and nothing more, and automatically enforcing data retention policies.

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With the ever-increasing shift to digital-first core social and societal infrastructure, people will need credentials to represent all facets of their identity digitally in a more secure and privacy-protecting manner.

In our Digital Identity & Mobile Driver's License Knowledge Base, we'll cover:


A background on digital identity and how it will evolve in the modern world.

The Landscape

The relevant standards, regulations, and organizations and bodies that are involved in crafting the future of identity.

The Technology

The technology that powers mobile driver's licenses (mDLs) and how these credentials are provisioned and verified.

The Considerations

The privacy, security, and broader ethical considerations that are intertwined with broader adoption of digital identity capabilities.