Making it simple to let users bring their own data, on their terms

Developers can supercharge their applications by interacting with trusted data from the user to provide better UX and security. Our tools make it simple to use these new data sources alongside existing databases while ensuring user control and data privacy.

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For the developers

Integrate digital credentials

Allow users to present trusted facts about themselves to power up their accounts, or issue new types of digital credentials to your users, such as membership badges that grant special access within other applications.

Enable user data vaults

Eliminate entire categories of compliance risk by allowing users to store their data in encrypted vaults that they control, but remain available for your application’s authorized usage.

Let users manage credentials

Empower your users to issue their own digital credentials that are portable to other services, such as content authenticity certificates that prove they created content on your platform.

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For the web developers

Key-based authentication

Simplifying how users authenticate and begin key-based sessions, using protocols like WebAuthn or Sign-In with Ethereum.

User-managed data vaults

Enable users to define where their personal data are hosted, how it is encrypted/decrypted, and who can access that data.

Digital credentials

Let users manage digital credentials which prove facts about themselves, including how they are issued, stored, verified, and revoked.

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For the user-controlled identity builders

DIDKit is built to support popular digital credential formats and protocols, with ready-to-use code for signing, verifying, and more across many platforms. We welcome any developers interested in the core technology to get involved.

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Open source, closed privacy

Transparency is a cornerstone of what we do, so we develop in the open. SpruceKit and its components are fully open source under the Apache 2.0 or MIT licenses, allowing anyone to see (and trust) how it works. Curious about how to contribute?