Identity Should Belong to Users

With Credible, we’re building digital versions of identification, like mobile driver's licenses, that offer more security, privacy protection, and control for individuals across their digital interactions.

Unlocking New Potential

We offer a secure, standards-based solution for issuing, storing, and presenting digital identity credentials, like a state-issued mobile driver’s license (ISO/IEC 18013-5) or those in web-friendly formats (W3C Verifiable Credentials). Users can selectively disclose information to prove their identity in digital interactions, like opening an online bank account or applying for a rental lease.

We work with governments, higher education, financial institutions, and nonprofits to let users hold their own data and use them conveniently and securely. 

Credible Technology Pillars


With deep expertise in cryptography and a privacy-by-design mindset, we are setting new standards for how digital interactions can offer increased security and privacy for individuals.


To unlock the immense potential for digital identity, we recognize the importance of building interoperable identity products, to enable cross-jurisdiction solutions.

Open Source

Open-source solutions foster a competitive ecosystem with accelerated innovation and expansion into more use cases than can be foreseen by us alone.

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