Secure lifecycle management for digital credentials

Credible integrates with your existing infrastructure to handle the complete lifecycle of verifiable digital credentials–from issuance and presentations, to updates and revocation.

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The future of identity credentials is here.


Machine-readable credentials foster more efficient, secure digital interactions. Verifications can work both with and without internet connectivity.


Authorship and authenticity can be cryptographically verified for higher trust in digital interactions and reduced fraud instances.


Unlike with physical ID cards, holders of digital credentials can selectively disclose only the minimum required information during an identity check.

Manage the full lifecycle of credentials with Credible

Issuing Credentials

Issuance for digital credentials can be performed in-person or remotely, depending on the organization’s specific workflows.

Remote issuance is paired with advanced verifications and security checks to ensure digital credentials end up in the right place.


Building Wallets

Developers can quickly implement a new identity wallet or evolve an existing application into an identity wallet using SpruceKit, with support for completely custom credential types–whether they’re digital IDs, professional certifications, tickets/vouchers, or membership badges.

Credible allows for central management of enabled credential types, interactions with each wallet, and rules for credential validity.

Sending Credentials

Digital credentials can be used both online and offline, expanding on the capabilities of existing physical identity credentials.

Standardized data formats ensure verification capabilities across a multitude of use cases, both in-person and digitally, within the same parent organization or across international borders.


Verifying Credentials

Credible allows you to verify that digital credentials are authentic, valid, and correctly presented, across multiple data formats used in the industry.

By supporting privacy-enhanced implementations by default, Credible defuses entire categories of privacy and security problems such as “phoning home,” a variety of collusion attacks, and digital credential stuffing.

Mobile Driver's Licenses

Mobile driver's licenses are being implemented in over 14 states in the United States and over 15 countries, marking a new era in digital identity. We ensure that they are implemented in a secure, efficient, and user-friendly way for people to prove their identity both online and offline. This way, people have more control over their personal information with choice on exactly when and what they disclose.

SpruceID works with issuers, verifiers, and wallets to handle robust lifecycle management for mobile driver's licenses in highly secure ecosystems, offering built-in security, privacy protection, and control for individuals. We also ensure that other credential types fit into the same wallet, woven into a seamless user experience.

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Interoperable Credentials

Credible ensures that credentials are readily usable across different industries and the public sector alike through the adoption of global standards for digital credentials, such as a state-issued mobile driver’s licenses (CBOR-based ISO/IEC 18103-5 mDL) or those in web-friendly formats (JSON-based W3C Verifiable Credentials).

With standards-based solutions, users can selectively disclose information to a variety of verifiers to prove their identity in online digital interactions, like opening an online bank account or applying for a rental lease, while maintaining privacy and control of their data.

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With the ever-increasing shift to digital-first core social and societal infrastructure, people will need credentials to represent all facets of their identity digitally in a more secure and privacy-protecting manner.

In our Digital Identity & Mobile Driver's License Knowledge Base, we'll cover:


A background on digital identity and how it will evolve in the modern world

The Landscape

The relevant standards, regulations, and organizations and bodies that are involved in crafting the future of identity

The Technology

The technology that powers mobile driver's licenses (mDLs) and how these credentials are provisioned and verified.

The Considerations

The privacy, security, and broader ethical considerations that are intertwined with broader adoption of digital identity capabilities.